How is the DAG Project covered in the press?


November 2013

Adaptive Optics Systems and Applications


May 2013

The Fifth Large Telescope Built in Atatürk University

March 2012

Europe’s largest observatory built in Erzurum

Doğan Haber Ajansı

February 2012

Turkey’s 5th Large Telescope


October 2012

A window is opening into astronomy,

“Eastern Anatolia Observatory” is being established.

Hürriyet.Gazetesi- Teknoport


September 2012

Our Apprenticeship Period in Astronomy

A telescope was developed to view space.

East’s first telescope will be put into service.

Genç Aylık Dergisi-

The First Telescope of the East Commenced Service in Erzurum

Atatürk University will undertake 3 major projects that will lead branding

Atatürk University Puts Ata50 Telescope into Service to Watch Space from Erzurum



Eastern Anatolia Observatory is Established at the Summit of Palandöken

Erzurum Medya- Haber.3- HaberPan


Giant Telescope built at Atatürk University

Atatürk University’s ‘Ata50 Telescope’ Will Start Observing Space Tomorrow

AU puts ATA50 telescope into service to watch space from Erzurum

Kültürlü İnsan- Beyaz Gazete-

The Fourth Big Observatory is Opened for Service

Turkey’s 5th biggest telescope “telescope ATA50” is put Into Service

ATA50 Telescope is in Service

Habertü Vatan Gazetesi- Bugün

Warning and correction from DAG

ATA50 telescope, is the first in Eastern Anatolia and Turkey’s fifth largest telescopes.

Our DAG – Eastern Anatolia Observatory project, supported by the Ministry of Development (DPT), accepted in January 2012, will last for 5 years. The aim of the project is to put a 4m type telescope on Karakaya Hills. When the telescope is running, DAG telescope will be Turkey’s largest telescope.

While 30-meter telescopes are built in the world, such telescopes are in the lower type. (see Telescopes)


The East’s First Telescope Will be Put into Service

First Observation Tomorrow

AU Launches Ata50 Telescope to Watch Space from Erzurum Gazetesi- Haber7- Show Haber

Atatürk University’s “ATA50 Telescope” Will Start Observing Space Tomorrow

ATA50 Telescope Will Observe Space

ATA50 Telescope is Built Haber Güncel

June 2011

İbrahim Hakkı Observatory

Albayrak Gazetesi-Erzurum Gündem-Erzurum Gazetesi

The Rector of Atatürk University Koçak Evaluated the 2011-2011 Academic Year Medya-Radyo Ritm- Erzurum Flaş


An Observatory will be Established in Palandöken. Palandöken Gazetesi

                                                                                                                    Warning and correction from DAG

The place considered for DAG is Karakaya Hills, not Palandöken.

With the planned site and telescope length, DAG will be the 3rd highest observatory in the world (see Telescopes).

April 2011

Counting the days for Eastern Anatolia Observatory project

The East will have an observatory for the first time.

Ataturk University’s “IR Astronomy and Eastern Anatolia Observatory in Turkey” Workshop

Erzurum Gazetesi-Erzurum Haber Gazetesi- Haber Doğu

March 2011

IR Astronomy and Eastern Anatolia Observatory Workshop will be held on 1-3 April 2011 in Erzurum

Albayrak Gazetesi

Eastern Anatolia Observatory is Established

Finally Eastern Anatolia Observatory is Established Diyarı

Warning and correction from DAG

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