Our Goal

With the assistance of Turkey’s largest diameter (4m) telescope that will make observations in both visual (VIS) and near infrared (NIR, <3micron) regions; the purpose of the Eastern Anatolia Observatory Project is to establish and actualise the infrastructure (such as road, electricity, water, internet, seismic, ground) and superstructures (such as telescope, enclosure, observatory – energy – service buildings) of a large observatory where international projects and joint works will be carried out in the fields of “astronomy, astrophysics, space sciences and  technologies”.

DAG Project is a 3-phase project;


  • The first stage is the DAG Project (2012 – 2019), which consists of the establishment of an observatory with telescope, enclosure, buildings and infrastructure,
  • The second phase is the ODA Project (2016 – 2019), which consists of the acquisition, design, construction and establishment of an Optical Laboratory of “Focal Plane Instruments” (ODA) and “Adaptive Optics System” (AO),
  • The third stage is the AKS Project (2018 – 2020) consisting of the “Mirror Coating System” (AKS), where all mirror and space – satellite equipment up to 4 m will be coated.